Keith Environmental Consultants

Nothing is as precious as the well-being of our planet, and Keith Environmental Consultants, Inc. is fully aware of that fact. Keith Environmental Consultants ensure the safe removal of building contaminants such as asbestos, mold, etc. from existing structures and sites. In addition, we work diligently with our clients in pre-acquisition.


We've worked closely with our clients before and throughout the design and construction of their projects to ensure the minimal impact to the existing ecosystem. Our specialty is in pre-acquisition environmental site assessment, in order to identify any potential liabilities due to the development of new properties in a certain area. Through careful planning, we can ensure responsible development of real-estate and help keep our environment safe.


In working with Phillips Engineering and BK Phillips Construction, we've assessed countless sites for potential environmental impact. This due diligence is important to insure a successful project that is both profitable to the owner, and environmentally responsible to the community.