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At Phillips & Associates, our expertise has been acquired through a broad range of businesses. This diverse business knowledge will help your company move forward at an enhanced rate.


Real-world experience is key to a successful startup, the restructuring of a current business and to turnaround a struggling company.


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Alliance Financial
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Do you have a great business concept but no funds to get it off the ground? Or does your business need additional capital to expand?


For start-ups, new product launches, or corporate expansions, we have the contacts and assets to get you funding for success.


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Solar and wind power have enjoyed rapid growth in our nation's efforts to reduce our dependency on conventional fuels. Phillips & Associates were able to help start this important business, paving the way for greater renewable energy usage in the future by encouraging the development and implementation of solar, wind, and energy grass technologies.


Credit card services are necessary for continued growth of every business. When Alliance Financial Services needed capital to build their Indianapolis-based company, Phillips & Associates was there to provide support and help their business grow!

Phillips & Associates can help get your idea off the ground... Literally! We have helped Venezia Marine create a highly profitable charter flight company complete with a fleet of three planes for individual air transportation needs.

Phillips & Associates were founding shareholders of Indiana Bank Corporation, N.A., helping establish a new company based on this integral institution of modern society. Phillips & Associates continue to search for exciting new opportunities for venture capital funding. If you have an idea you need to get off the ground, please contact us.


The history of our various companies, although each being unique, have served tenants, investors, partners and communities in many ways.  We see our role as helping whoever we are working with by filling in the areas that are the needs.  We believe that partnering with people to the betterment of all is the right business model.  That philosophy has made it possible to work throughout the Midwest in various size communities with continued success.  So, if you have an opportunity and you need an organization to help bring it to fruition, please contact us.